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Funded Research

Since 1983, CHRP has invested over $250 million to sponsor more than 2,000 research projects on HIV/AIDS in California.

Latest Grant Portfolio

One Step Ahead Initiative: We funded four highly visionary, investigator-initiated HIV research projects aimed at moving the field significantly forward. Read more about the projects by clicking on the following link (One Step Ahead Awards).

Basic Biomedical Sciences Research: We awarded nine grants to researchers at non-profit institutions across the state. These pilot awards support early-stage laboratory exploration aimed at understanding mechanisms of HIV prevention, treatment, or cure at the cellular or subcellular level. Learn more about these projects by clicking on the following link (Basic Biomedical Awards 2019).

Grant Archive (2016-2020)

Basic Biomedical Sciences Research: CHRP selected nine investigators from various institutions across California as recipients of the 2016 Innovative, Developmental Exploratory Awards (IDEAs) in basic biomedical science.  These include multiple projects focused on paths to a cure for HIV (viral latency, persistence, or reactivation), new hope for persons with HIV and cancer, and HIV epidemiology.  

Disparities Research: UCLA, UCSD, and UCSF have Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs) which conduct and evaluate innovative research for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. In April 2016, CHRP funded the creation of Disparities Cores at each CFAR that initiated projects focused on HIV/AIDS health disparities throughout California, a focus that the CFARs did not previously have.

Policy Research: We funded two Collaborative HIV/AIDS Policy Research Centers to support research and policy analysis that addresses critical issues related to HIV/AIDS care and prevention in California. These centers comprised of multi-disciplinary teams of investigators working in partnership with consumers, advocates, and policymakers to conduct timely, policy-relevant research that strengthen local, state, and national HIV efforts. This research produces new knowledge that can be applied to improve prevention and care services for affected persons and populations.

Prevention and Linkage to Care Research: Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) demonstration projects and studies focused on HIV testing and linkage to care as methods to reducing the epidemic. 


Grant Archive (2009-2015)