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    UCLA CFAR Disparities Core

    Norweeta Milburn, Principal Investigator

    The UCLA CFAR Health Disparities Core will coordinate, manage and convene functions to improve the quality of research activities conducted by its investigators and foster collaborations to positively impact HIV-related health disparities in Los Angeles County (LAC) using a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach. The Core’s activities include linkage to the CFAR, providing scientific leadership; convening an External Advisory Board of community partners; and dissemination activities.

    The Health Disparities Core unites a multi-disciplinary team of seasoned researchers who will set and promote a research and dissemination agenda that has a measurable impact on HIV-related health disparities in LAC. The Core will ensure sound fiscal and personnel management while fostering collaborations and supporting affiliated investigators to design, conduct and promote research on innovative approaches to reducing HIV-related health disparities among vulnerable populations in LAC. The specific aims of the Core are:

    1. Science: Providing scientific leadership for the Core’s strategic efforts, which includes the setting, monitoring and evaluating of the research agenda and monitoring of a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process;
    2. Networking: Managing the Core’s internal and external convening, linkage and dissemination activities across the CFAR and related UCLA centers, collaborating local institutions, the Expert Advisory Board and Core dissemination events.

    The Core will be the key unit in the UCLA CFAR that manages, coordinates and evaluates overall Center science, networking and communication associated with HIV-health disparities research. The Core will routinely interface with all other CFAR Cores to facilitate the Center-wide development and execution of disparities-related science, networking and dissemination activities. The Health Disparities Core consists of a Leadership Team composed of the Director, Senior Associate Director, Co-Investigator, Community Co-Investigator and Principal Investigators of the two related research projects. The Core’s Director will be an active member of the CFAR’s leadership team. The Core is advised by an Expert Advisory Board which will assist by providing oversight and direction for the Core. The Core will make effective use of its internal expertise (Core investigators), external resources (Expert Advisory Board) and affiliated linkages to provide science, networking and capacity building leadership within the CFAR and across LAC.