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Our Impact

Impact on Grantees: Results of survey for grants awarded 2010-2015

  • Over 90% of CHRP grantees said their CHRP grant helped them to advance their career
  • Nearly half of CHRP grantees reported that they received subsequent grant funding directly as a result of their CHRP grant
  • Grantees used CHRP funds as leverage to bring in nearly $80 million in Federal and other HIV funding
    • Nearly $62 million of this leveraged funding comes from NIH
    • $9.5 million comes from CDC
    • Overall, $2 was leveraged for every $1 CHRP spent among those grantees responding to the survey ($2.4 if our Patient Centered Medical Homes projects are included)
  • Grants from 2009-2013 resulted in 148 peer reviewed publications

Policy Impact: From Policy Brief to Action 

Impact on Patient Care in California

CHRP initiatives pioneered the development of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care for HIV, a model that uses interdisciplinary teams of health professionals to treat patients with chronic illnesses.  This model has now become a key component of the Affordable Care Act.  CHRP funded innovative PCMH projects at 46 sites to study the effectiveness of this model for managing HIV/AIDS.  The Highland Hospital (Oakland) PCMH and the Medical Care Coordination (MCC) project in Los Angeles reduced hospital readmissions and improved suppression of the HIV virus (reduced the amount of HIV virus in a patient’s blood), respectively.